Thursday 30 August 2012

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Scouting and Film SafariEvanson Scouting and Film Site Location

Scouting and Film SafariLocation scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage of filmmaking and commercial photography. Evanson Safaris Scouting provides scouting and location finding service for the film and television industries. We organize, share our expertise and information and provide an exceptionally comprehensive yet
flexible service tailored to suit each assignment throughout East Africa.

East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda) is a great place to make Films and Documentaries. The variety in landscapes and people creates an interesting mosaic of opportunities. International producers have come here for many years to film Africa with ethnic people and the great landscapes of East Africa.

East Africa can be an excellent alternative for African Stories, large Exterior set building, beaches, Masai Mara wildlife migrationculture, mountains and modern city environments. Need a gazebo that gets great light at sunset? Production companies working with commercials can count on East Africa as alternative location when needing sun in the cold winter months in other places.

Each location finding job is a new and different challenge so there is considerable advantage to pooling knowledge. Evanson Safaris Scouting is capable of providing locations to film and television production companies, photographers and advertising agencies. Our location managers have the skills required in this field from arranging parking to procuring a palace and the ability to work to your brief quickly, precisely and within budget. If you're coming to East Africa to shoot Wildlife, Nature, Geographic Documentaries and Landmark locations Evanson Safaris Scouting can offer useful advice.

Friday 15 June 2012

Honeymoon in East Africa & Beyond

Honey Moon in Africa and beyond
Africa can offer you a honeymoon holiday full of romance and adventure to remember for the rest of your lives in a beautiful natural setting offering you relaxation and recuperation from a busy wedding day. There are amazing hotels and Safari lodges that provide thrilling private game viewing safaris and Luxurious  accommodation.
At Evanson Safaris, we assist you customize a honeymoon holiday in Africa and beyond, blending game viewing safari and the pleasures of a beach holiday on white coral sand beaches and adventure. We have chosen properties to ensure that they are up to honeymoon standards. We choose honeymoon destinations with great care to make sure that we include only those that will make your Honeymoon holiday dream a reality.
You may wish to accomplish an adventure in Africa together, kite surfing, climb Mt Kenya / Kilimanjaro, scuba diving, do a walking safari or you may have individual interests to pursue. From Northern Kenya to South Africa’s coasts you will find miles of empty beaches and a dazzling variety of exotic islands including Seychelles, Mauritius among other archipelagos in the Indian Ocean.
We are flexible to customize and make you dream Honeymoon Holiday in Africa and beyond a Reality.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Corporate Team Building Trips In East Africa
Evanson Safaris Company is expert in team building events management, with the experience and field knowledge of the diverse range of products available in East Africa, we help choose and advice on locations, venues and activities in the wild according to requirements of each group giving them a conducive environment to strategize and to build strong teams. Our services inspire groups, unlocking the inner potential of each member returning to work with renewed dedication and personal inspiration to perform their required tasks utilizing their full potential.

Monday 4 June 2012

Sunday 3 June 2012

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Evanson safaris

Evanson safaris, well established East African Safari Management   Company, operated by experienced, passionate safari professionals, who are well informed and acquainted with their motherland. We know Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and can tailor make and organise any East African itinerary or event to match any requirement or budget.
Mission statement
Our mission is exposing nature to enrich Lives. With informative guides and superbly orchestrated itineraries, our goal is to connect people and Nature in a meaningful and personally relevant way. We work to inspire guests to become actively involved in preservation and conservation, and strive to create, by listening and promoting a non-judgmental atmosphere, a safe space in which people may blossom, grow, gain new self-confidence and discover new untapped power within. Exciting destinations, artful itineraries, knowledgeable passionate guides, superb equipment, and wisdom gained from several years in the field allow EVANSON SAFARIS to set high standards for Safari adventure vacations through out EAST AFRICA.

Evanson Safaris provides high quality guest service throughout East Africa. East Africa offers many unique and special opportunities to host special events such as incentives, conferences and team building.

We're masters at creating unique trips for special occasions, and custom adventure travel. We offer tailored trips/safaris to groups of all types from family reunions to bachelor parties, clubs, church and youth groups and even custom adventures for private parties of two or more.